Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Freshman and Vegan

Moving to New York, horrified with the idea of the freshman fifteen and writing a research paper on vegan food for college were probably the three main factors that made a cheese/milk/chocolate lover like me decide to become vegan.

It seems paradoxal that I made this decision being someone who could not hate sports more and has an inner love to food. Specially to sweeeeeet food.

But my body was suffering, and I had never considered food was the reason. And beyond that, I never realized I could eat even MORE of what I LIKE as a vegan than as an unhappy teenage girl trying to be happy and conciliating the lack of physical activities with the calorie counting of my daily fruit desserts and energy bars.

I decided to create this blog not only to share the amazing recipes I've been creating for my daily diet, but to break the paradigms on vegan nutrition, show the change in energy in my body and health of my skin and also share with whomever is already vegan, wants to change or my family and friends who don't understand me, how a vegan diet can be not painful and even more pleasant than a normal diet even for people who love dairy and sugar as much as I do. 

I hope you enjoy this journey! :]

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